Welcome team India

Won team India.

Team India went on tour to Australia and returned home after flagging off its victory. Team India got a great win under Ajinkya Rahane’s captaincy! Virat Kohli, captain of the first match, Ajinkya Rahane was made the captain of the match and Rohit Sharma was made the vice captain due to not being included in the second match. Virat Kohli returned to India due to some urgent work in the second match, due to which Ajinkya Rahane was handed the captaincy of Team India.

Team India created a new record.

Team India became the only such team that made Australia He went to Australia’s ground and beat them. Series ( 2-1) won team india.

More than half of the senior players of Team India suffered injuries to their hands and feet due to which they could not join the match. Team India had all these experience players due to which it was very difficult to win the match but Team India came back after winning the match.

t natarajan debue

T. Natarajan within 44 days Made an international debut.

3 wicket 78 runs 24.3 overs.

t Natarajan team india player.

Mohammed siraj dubue.

When Mohammad Siraj was selected in Team India, he came to know that his father had died. But he could not go back and he played for his team and won.

Mohammad Siraj perform

5 wicket 73 runs 19.5 overs.

Team india players list.

  1. Rohit Sharma (opener batsman)
  2. S. Gill ( opener batsman)
  3. C. Pujara (batsman)
  4. A. Rahane ( caption)
  5. R. Pant ( wicketkeeper batsman)
  6. M. Agrawal ( batsman)
  7. w. Sunder ( bowler)
  8. S. Thakur ( bowler)
  9. N. Saini ( bowler)
  10. M. Siraj ( bowler)
  11. T. Natarajan ( bowler)